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Today's Couples Can't Afford Marriage

The numbers say it all: 3 in 4 Americans think it’s too expensive to get married, and blame it on the current economic conditions.

A recent Pew Research study finds a quarter of 40-year-olds in the U.S. have never been married, a trend that may continue as young adults rethink future nuptials. 

A recent report on marriage opinions among Millennials and Gen Zers found 2 in 5 think marriage is outdated. 85% don't think marriage is necessary to have a fulfilled and committed relationship.

52% of women, 41% of men think marriage is outdated.

73% feel it’s too expensive to get married in the current economy.

3 in 5 unmarried couples live with their partners.

That's all in line with the practice of Houston relationship therapist Dr. Viviana Coles with Houston Relationship Therapy. "I think the traditional reasons why people got married, the business end of it, just isn't worth it anymore." In terms of a wedding ceremony, given current costs, Dr. Coles suggests putting a down payment on a house may be a wiser use of hard saved funds. And the idea of foregoing getting a legal document to affirm a commitment to one another may not be the gold standard it once was. "I'm a very big fan of people co-habitating. I think it's a very intentional way for people to find out how to suss out your connection. The most important part of any long-relationship is feeling connected emotional and physically."

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