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The Evidence Mounts That Even Democrats Are Souring On Biden

Despite the never ending witch hunt against former president Donald Trump, the walls of the left appear to be collapsing around Joe Biden.

In addition to the push for California Governor Gavin Newsom to jump into the race, Biden's partners and allies in the mainstream media are also starting to turn.

"You're seeing articles coming out questioning his fitness, talking about his old age, anger towards his staffer's and cursing them out" said Bonchie, with Red State, "I think there's definitely a sense that the media has gotten the message that it's ok to kind of go after him a little bit."

There were two really big Biden hit pieces in the last couple of weeks. Maureen Dowd of the New York Times shredded Biden for refusing to acknowledge his 7th grandchild, and the super-left leaning Atlantic set it was time for Biden to "step aside".

"When you've got the NY Times and the Atlantic, I think there's definitely a movement to try and get rid of him before it's too late" Bonchie told KTRH, "I don't know if they're confident he can beat anybody on the Republican side at this point."

He believes the left privately wants California governor Gavin Newsom to run, but Biden and Jill Biden, are hooked on the power, and have no intentions of stepping aside.

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