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Hundreds Sign Petition to Stop Lawsuit Against Texas State Historical Assoc

The next court date is not until September, but debate over the Texas State Historical Association and who dictates what's written in history books, continues to heat up this summer.

Hundreds have signed a petition urging billionaire JP Bryan to drop his lawsuit to keep his position as interim executive director, amid claims that academics want to water down Texas history.

"It would be one thing to have a disagreement about how a bylaw is carried out, but it's something entirely different to file a lawsuit, not only against the association and the board, but against the president individually," says author and Texas historian Gary L. Pinkerton.

Pinkerton argues Texas is more than just coonskin hats and the Alamo.

"There was a long history of Texas for hundreds of years before that with Native Americans, with Spanish, with French, and with active communities, contraband trade, conflicts and personal stories happening all the time," he says.

In the meantime, the TSHA board cannot meet, approve a budget or take any action.

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