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"Personal Wealth" can include more than money!

A Charles Schwab survey finds Americans’ views about what it takes to be wealthy have changed since pre-pandemic times.

Answering the question "What does it take to be wealthy?" Charles Schwab staff found recent answers (1,000 Americans) different from those given pre-Covid. Licensed Counselor Janice Guant: "The reality that something that had the potential to rock our world [Covid and the corresponding Lockdown] awakens us to what's right in front of us!" Almost half said they already felt wealthy without extremely high incomes. Gaunt says after years of isolation from Covid restrictions, people's perspective can change!

Midlife Wealth Shock can lead to Death!

She adds that finances are still important. "It's such a sense of peace that can overcome people once they feel confident that they can pay their bills ---That's Really Wealth!" Gaunt says her wealthiest clients are definitely not her happiest! "I have some clients who are really wealthy and they are MISERABLE!" Money doesn't really make you happy - it just helps for a little bit!"

Also: Reuniting after years social distancing is priceless!

Gaunt is the author of Prince Charming is Dead --- Or in Rehab


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Well Being is Part of True Personal WealthPhoto: Getty Images

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