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The Texas power grid may break records today; will your power stay on?

It's June. It's Texas. That means things are hearing up. It's not a surprise, but the weather we have right now is hot, even by our own standards.

Temperatures are expected to hit triple digits this weekend. ERCOT has issued a 'Weather Watch' through this coming Wednesday, and is asking you to conserve.

"This is just a general ask," said, ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas earlier this week. "It would be helpful for the grid, but it is not indicative that we expect to be in emergency conditions."

That's leading many to ask an obvious question. Will the lights stay on?

"That's a great question. I don't know," said David Holt with the Consumer Energy Alliance."

ERCOT says it has enough supply to meet demand, and has talked about the changes since the February Freeze two years ago. But Holt says we're still relying too much on wind and solar.

"Sometimes the wind doesn't blow. Sometimes the sun doesn't shine. So you need to have that backup, and the best way to get that is with natural gas," Holt explained..

You can check out current grid conditions HERE.

Texas Power Grid To Be Tested With Incoming Winter Chills

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