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You Won’t Believe How Woke Some Texas Cities Are Getting

Texas is still 'red', but our big cities are still very 'blue', at least as far as their policies.

The latest: All city employees in Dallas now must use preferred pronouns, or else they face the risk of being fired. A subject that fired up, Houston City Council member Michael Kubosh.

"Why do we need these things? I personally don't believe that we do" Kubosh said, "I just call people what they want me to call them, but on the other hand, I don't want to be forced into playing the gender transition game."

Unfortunately, it's a game that will soon be headed here to Houston.

"I was told that the mayor will bringing this up again" Kubosh told KTRH, "He promised the LGBTQ+ community that he was going to do it when he ran the first time, and now he has less than 6 months or so left on his term, and so I'm pretty sure something is coming down the pipe pretty soon."

That will most likely be a city approved charter amendment, that would be on the ballot in November.

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