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EXERCISE TRAINING: U.S. Military out of shape as conflicts loom.

Recruits entering the U.S. Army are more out of shape than they have ever been, according to a recent report. Something that costs the military lots of money, to the tune of around $30,000 per recruit. About 10% of the out of shape do not make it through basic training. A disproportionate number of them also receive injuries.

It is one of the worst recruiting crises for the Army in four decades, and one that they brought upon themselves, says former Navy Seal William Branum.

"They are lowering the standards to get more people in the door. If you lower the standards, you will have a lower quality candidate come in," says Branum. "Therefore, you will have a lower quality product on the other side."

To put it into perspective, the Army fell short of its recruiting goal last year by over 15,000 recruits. To meet the out-of-shape recruits in the middle, they have expanded requirements, and allow a 90-day course to help them get in-shape.

Meanwhile, China has had a hand in raising Pacific tensions by moving battleships around the Taiwan Strait, with fears of an invasion happening to American ally Taiwan soon.

So, what if the U.S. has to get involved in the conflict? Branum says it might be a rude awakening.

"[China] are running information campaigns on being stronger, and about beating the United States. They are making movies about it," he says. "What are we doing here in the United States? We are putting men into women's competitions."

It is not just Branum who feels this way either, as most either in the service, or former service members share the same sentiment.

"It almost feels like the military is not in charge of themselves anymore," he says. "It almost feels like there could be another agenda at play."

As for the fix? It is simple: elevate the standards.

"When you lower standards, you quit on yourself and the country...let's stop quitting on ourselves, and live at that higher standard of personal excellence," says Branum.

Photo: AFP

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