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Biden Admin Plans To Force Automakers To Sell Electric Cars Over Gas

The Democrats 'green new deal' is back with a vengeance. Under the cover of the EPA, the Biden administration announced new environmental regulations that are going to force automakers to sell and produce electric cars, over gas powered.

"The goal here 2/3 of new car sales to be electric by 2032" said Collin Anderson, reporter with the Washington Free Beacon, "And the way that the administration hopes to accomplish that is not necessarily a verbatim -you must sell x amount of electric cars-, but instead automakers must not exceed a certain level on emissions."

It is the toughest emissions ruling ever, and yet not another broken promise by Joe Biden who had originally said the goal was 50% emissions.

It's a huge win for the climate cult, but experts warn that it is way too much, too soon.

"A complete transformation" Anderson told KTRH, "You're talking about a massive jump that the government is mandating. You need a massive scale when it comes to charging ports and stations, you also need power grid upgrades. Now you have a huge strain on the electric grid, and I think there's a lot of concern as to how quickly we can do that."

Your insurance is also going to go up significantly, and we can expect massive layoffs in the U.S. auto industry.

Currently the average price for an electric car is just under $65,000, while a new gas powered car is around $26,000.

Soon enough, many will be left with a tough choice. Buy an EV? Or don't drive.

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