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“Excuseflation” Is The New “Shrinkflation”

We have all become all too familiar with 'shrink-flation' under this Joe Biden economy. But now there is a new word that we can add to the list.

It's called, 'Excuse-flation', because most of the big brands are using inflation as an excuse, to keep their prices high.

"Corporate profits are up" said Edgar Dworsky, aka 'Mr. Consumer', "Some manufacturers are taking advantage of all the other price increases they see in the market, and they're piling on so they can pad their bottom line."

The bottom line is, once prices go up, they usually don't come back down. So what can we do to deal with the on-going 'shrink-flation'?

"The best way to deal with shrinkflation, is to become more net weight conscious" Dworsky told KTRH, "That means look at the items you buy all the time before you go to the store, note what the weight of it is, or how many sheets on a roll. Then when you go to the store, you'll be able to spot if someone's trying to pull a fast one on you."

For more tips, and current examples of 'shrink-flation', check out the Consumer World website, consumerworld.org

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