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The GOP Is Vowing To Investigate ‘Anyone’ In Business With The Bidens

It's another big week for House Republicans, with the House Oversight Committee set to hold their first hearing, looking into the dealing's of president Joe Biden.

The Chair of the Oversight Committee, U.S. Rep. James Comer is vowing to investigate anyone, who was in business with the Bidens.

"They're finally using logic and common sense in the Oversight Committee to say, there's no way this is just Hunter Biden, Joe Biden has to be involved as well" said political commentator Anthony Russo, "These are impeachable offenses. If you do find ties to any of those major things in the Biden family, that is grounds for impeachment and that would at least start the ball rolling to open the eyes of the American people."

Either way, the hearing along with the investigation, are long overdue.

"What's even more interesting, is the lack of coverage" Russo told KTRH, "All the different egregious issues that the Biden family had not just with Hunter, they're grouping Joe into this, they needed to keep this silent. They did not want this to come out because there is nothing about this that looks good."

Like the DOJ, the National Archives, and the Treasury Department, the media has also provided cover for Biden. We will now see about the coverage.

The first hearing is set for Wednesday.

House Republicans Speak To The Press On Biden Family Business Dealings

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