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While They Argue Over Border Security, Illegal Immigrants Are Pouring In

As the Biden-border crisis continues, so does the flood of illegal immigrants coming across into the U.S.

The Del Rio sector has once again taken over as the ground zero. Just last week, there were almost 7,000 border encounters, with illegal immigrants from 79 different countries. This, after a record December, which turned out to be the worst month yet under the Biden administration.

"Well, not only do we have thousands crossing everyday, we have to be very open and honest about where we really are" said Jaeson Jones, a former Texas DPS captain who now covers the border for Newsmax, "I think most Americans are not aware, this is much bigger today than just a U.S. - Mexico border issue. The world is coming."

And they are coming every single day, with no end in sight.

"While we debate this between Republicans and Democrats, and half the media doesn't show what's really taking place" Jones told KTRH, "The national security failures, and I will say this privately and I say it publicly all the time, that what Americans are really witnessing is the largest U.S. intelligence failure since 9-11."

There are at least a couple of positives, as the GOP Congress continues to try and push back. The border patrol arrested 17 more from the terror watch list, bringing the total to 38 since October. And Operation Lone Star continues to bus illegals from Texas to 4 other cities. New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia.


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