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Republicans On Course To Get Blown Out By Phantoms In The 2024 Elections

The countdown has already begun, with Republicans and conservatives already looking ahead to the 2024 elections. But while much of the focus and attention has been on the top of the ticket, as in who's it going to be? Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis? The real key for the GOP will likely be, the 'phantoms'.

"There are 8% -15% fake voters, or fake addresses in every one of the states that we looked at" said Jay Valentine, election expert with Omega 4 America, "The phantoms are the voters on every voter roll, and they don't vote for MAGA candidates or conservative Republicans. This is something used by the Democrat party to keep conservatives out of office."

Who is 'Omega 4 America'? In simple terms, they have come up with what is called 'factal technology' to clean up voter rolls, and eliminate these 'phantom' ballots that are being cast across the country, at every level.

It's become the Dems dirty little secret, even here in Houston.

"Houston is one of the worst, Harris County is unbelievably corrupt" Valentine told KTRH, "The stuff that are teams have found in Harris County would make your hair stand up, if you have any. There are probably more phantoms per square foot in Harris County, than in any other county in the country."

The bottom line is, those fake or 'phantom' votes have been the difference for the Democrats during the last two elections. Omega 4 America's hope is, to put a stop to it before, 2024.

Voting Ballot Drop Off Box

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