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The Mainstream Media Is Working Overtime To Bury The Twitter-Biden Scandal

Even worse than the truth that is being revealed by Elon Musk about how Twitter colluded with the DNC, FBI, and DOJ, to censor the the Hunter-Biden laptop story before the 2020 election? The continued silence from the mainstream media.

"They're deliberately not covering this story" said Jordan Boyd, reporter for The Federalist, "It's contrary to their agenda, which often times is in line with the Democrats agenda, to expose things that could hurt their preferred candidate, and very clearly Joe Biden was their preferred candidate, especially when he was up against Donald Trump."

Censorship, and collusion. That's where we're at in America in 2022.

"Seeing that collusion between the government, the corporate media, and between big tech, that should really raise some alarm bells for everyone" Boyd told KTRH, "Truly, at the heart of this is Biden family corruption, and that political leverage can be used against the United States."

And it continues, with the mainstream media now working overtime to cover for Biden. Basically, if it makes the Democrats look bad, you're not going to hear about it.

"This confirms a lot of what conservative media has said over the last two years" noted Boyd, "Twitter and big tech not only censored this story of the Hunter Biden laptop, but they actually manufactured excuses to do so, on a political behalf."

And they're not done yet.


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