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How Republican Lawmakers Are Betraying Their Voters - Again

America may be divided, but apparently Republicans and Democrats are not. At least not in Washington.

Even after one of the most polarizing elections in our nations history, the GOP is a-ok in helping the Democrats end the year on a high note.

Senate Republicans, 12 to be exact, sided with the Democrats on voting for the 'respect for marriage act', while House Republicans are currently cooperating with the Dems on one more massive spending bill, that could also prevent the new congress from doing any spending in 2023.

"These are obviously two pieces of legislation that our base doesn't love" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, "This is kind of a concept known as 'sweeping the barn', and I understand the Republican base is not going to be happy."

They are not happy, and not understanding, why some Republicans continue to betray their voters, again and again.

"Clearly, the Republicans won the House of Representatives, because Americans did not like the way that Nancy Pelosi was running the nation's bank account" said political analyst Vlad Davidiuk, "They did not want far left Democrats in charge of our spending, and that's why they fired Nancy Pelosi."

But after spending too much of the 2022 campaign season focusing on the Democrats, both Mackowiak and Davidiuk say it's time for Republicans to get their own house in order, literally.

And it starts at the top with the Republican leadership.

Senate GOP Meets To Vote On Leadership Roles

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