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A Divided – And Angry – America. What happened?

The elections are just about finished, and while we may not be happy with all of the outcomes, one result is undeniable. America is a now a deeply divided nation.

"We haven't seen this type of stalemate since the years leading up to the civil war" said Terry Schilling, President of the American Principles Project, "We are incredibly polarized, and the states could not be further apart. How do you reconcile these two worlds? You can't, one side has to win over the other."

Unfortunately, right now we are all losing because of this ugly political divide. Friendships are ending, families are being shattered, and a lot of people are sadly confessing, that they have lost hope.

But there is always hope.

"The best way to resolve the crisis that America is in today, is for a Ronald Reagan to emerge" Schilling told KTRH, "We need a political figure today that can bring Americans together by presenting a bold vision, and a bold policy agenda that will get us out of this."

The countdown is on for conservatives again, to step up before 2024.

Divided America

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