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Expect Polls To Undercount MAGA Voters - Again

With all of the news and data being thrown about from the polls each and every day, there is one thing we can count on to be accurate. There will be a massive undercount of the Republican voters.

"This is going to be what looks like to be landslide, monumental turnout by conservatives" said political analyst Chris Begala, "The only thing that the Democrats have right now is screaming and yelling about abortion. There's going to be a huge, huge turnout for conservatives and Republicans in this midterm."

In 2016, Robert C. Cahaly with the Trafalgar Group, was one of the few who predicted a presidential win for Donald Trump, and now he says pollsters are vastly underrating what he calls the "submerged" MAGA voters.

"This year our fear is that people are not going to be polled that are Trump supporters because of all that Biden has said, and all the attacks and people coming after them, and they're just hesitant to even participate" Cahaly told FOX News, "I think everybody will underestimate them, including us. Republican turnout will exceed even what we predict."

Whether or not that happens or not, it makes sense. Plus, Republicans and conservatives have a long list of issues that will motivate them to get out and vote.

"The economy is just absolutely tanking, inflation, crime, and the border" Begala told KTRH, "And on top of everything else, we have a president who promised to bring us together, viciously attacking and calling any MAGA supporter or Trump supporter, a fascist."

The countdown to the November midterms is on, and don't forget to listen to the one and only debate for Governor in Texas between Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke, live on news radio 740 KTRH.

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