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Recession 2022: We Have A Full Employment Recession

Despite the spin from the White House, yes, we are indeed in a recession. But we also still, have a record number of job openings.

Some, like professor Michael Busler, who wrote about it in American Thinker, this is the 'Full Employment Recession'.

"The president doesn't want to admit we're in a recession" said Joel Griffith, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, "But when you have prices skyrocketing, you have the economy shrinking, you still have millions of people that have not rejoined the labor force, these are all serious."

The bottom line is, the economy is shrinking, inflation is at a 40-year high, and those jobs may not be open for very much longer, as we are now starting to see the return of the corporate layoffs. There is no way to spin it, we're on the wrong path.

"In the midst of all this economic turmoil, you have an administration that is doubling down on a number of the policies that have gotten us in this mess" Griffith told KTRH, " And I'm referring to this latest package of nearly $300 billion in green energy spending, that is going to be derived by shaking down American families and businesses."

The so called 'Inflation Reduction Act' which is not going to reduce inflation at all, but instead is going to raise taxes on the middle and lower class, while unleashing 87,000 new IRS agents who will target hard working Americans with more audits.

Yet another reminder, that elections do have consequences.

Recession in the USA

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