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Biden-flation: The Feds Are Collecting Record Taxes

If you think the Democrats new - 'green new deal' is bad with all of the taxing? Wait until you find out what they plan to spend all of our tax dollars on.

"You look at the federal government and see that it takes a great deal of money from the American people" said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, "The modern Democratic party looks at it and thinks it's starving to death, and they want more money."

Basically, you can look at it like the Dems are pulling off one final cash grab, before Republicans take control in November.

"If you're upset by the taxes that the Democratic congress just passed, you should be more upset by how they plan to spend it" Norquist told KTRH, "They are handing out check to interest groups, this is funding the political machine in big cities."

Call it, welfare for all of the Dems pet projects, like climate change.

"They must feed their coalition with your tax dollars" noted Norquist, "The fact that you're not doing well, and you're having inflation, the economy is doing poorly, the U.S. is doing poorly, they're interested in how well government is doing."

For the Biden administration, it's never been about the economy, only about the agenda.

Tax Concept with histogram chart and curve going up. Tax increasing.

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