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Gas Prices Have Hit A New High That We Have Never Seen In American History

We can't say that we didn't warn you, or more specifically that president Trump didn't warn you. Joe Biden made it clear while campaigning from his basement that he was going after the oil and gas industry, and as promised, he has done just that.

The result? The highest gas prices in American history.

"This in uncharted territory, and it seems like unfortunately every single day is a new uncharted territory" said David Holt, president of Consumer Energy Alliance, "Gasoline prices are now over $5 a gallon with no relief in sight. It's a really bad situation, and it doesn't look like it's going to get better anytime soon."

Almost as bad, has been the White House response to the pain at the pump, that they have caused, with Joe Biden blaming everyone else, from the oil companies, to the war in Ukraine.

"I think the American people see through that, they see that this administration is not actually doing all that they can" Holt told KTRH, " So there is frustration everywhere, there are things that we can do to expand oil and gas production. Unfortunately, I don't think this administration understands that."

Which is why most experts like Holt agree, these record high gas prices are not going away anytime soon.

"Barring some epiphany with the administration that says, we're going to announce more leasing, we're going to to announce some emergency rules for refinery output, we're going to do things that actually put more product on the streets and lower prices" noted Holt, "Barring that, we're going to continue to see high energy prices."

Which was all part of the plan.

Money in the chute of a gas representing high gas prices

Photo: Getty Images

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