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Get Ready For A Summer Electric Bill 'Shock'

With temperatures on the rise, be prepared to see the charges on your electric bill go up as well. A lot.

Thanks to the on going Biden-flation, and the record high gas prices, electricity is the next thing that we will all have to overpay for.

"When natural gas prices go up, the cost of electricity goes up as well" said David Holt, president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, "The president and this administration have chosen not to really take bold steps to expand energy production, natural gas and oil, which would in turn reduce the price for electricity which is largely powered by natural gas today."

Most people think electricity is separate from gas and oil, but it really isn't.

"Electricity largely comes from large generators" Holt told KTRH, "You need to have something that powers those generators that then delivers the electricity over our transmission lines to our homes and our offices, and in this case because we have such poor energy policy in this country, we're all going to pay more."

They are expected to pay much, much more on the east coast this summer, but what about here in Texas?

"I think we should expect that they'll go up" Holt said, "I don't know if it will be as bad here in Texas, as it will be in some of the eastern states, where they've really, really had bad energy policies for years. Texas has a lot of opportunity and a lot of optionality in it's power generation, but at the same time we are seeing these high natural gas prices. Hopefully, it's not as bad here as it is in some other places."

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