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Why Won’t The Governor Call What’s Happening At The Border An “Invasion?”

As the Biden border crisis continues, Governor Greg Abbott is literally fighting it on 3 fronts, dealing with the Biden administration's purposeful and criminal negligence, his critics, and of course the illegals themselves.

"Governor Abbott has been looking at the possibility of declaring an invasion, or considering illegal immigration an invasion" said reporter Hayden Sparks with The Texan, "But he has some serious doubts about whether that would be legally sound, especially because he fears state law enforcement could be open to prosecution."

Under the constitution, Abbott could declare an invasion and shut down the border. That's what his critics, like congressman (R) Chip Roy have been calling for.

"I am tired of those who sit on the outside in the peanut gallery" said the former speaker of the Texas House, Dennis Bonnen, "You could declare it an invasion, but I don't know how successfully the state of Texas with National Guard men and women, could even shut that border down."

As Abbott pointed out last week, the problem is, even if he does shut down the border, because the federal government has the final say, that means the deported illegal immigrants will just be allowed back in. Like a revolving door.

If that's not bad enough? The Biden administration would also be able to come after the border agents who turned away the illegals. It's already happened before.

"Governor Abbott supports the border patrol, supports the National Guard, supports DPS, supports law enforcement" Bonnen told KTRH, "And to ask him to make a decision that puts them in the cross hairs of the Biden administration being able to come after them? which they have proven they have no problem doing?"

That is the decision that Abbott is ultimately going to have to make, although he has a little more time, thanks to the judge who blocked the lifting of Title 42.

"Abbott is opposing this from both a legal, and a tactical point of view" Sparks told KTRH.

In the meantime, buses filled with volunteer illegal immigrants continue to make their way from Texas, to Washington D.C.

Former President Trump Joins TX Gov. Abbott At Unfinished Border Wall

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