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1 Week: The Mainstream Media Continues To Ignore The Clinton Spy-Gate Story

From Russia with love, it has been one week since the bombshell findings from the Durham report released. It turns out, there was indeed 'Russian collusion' in 2016, but not from Donald Trump. It was actually Hillary Clinton and her campaign that spied on Trump, not only as a candidate, but also as the sitting president.

And still, not a word from the mainstream media.

"Journalists are wildly liberal, and they want to do anything that helps the other team" said Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center, "Journalists are stuck up and hate to admit that they were wrong, and this is not something that you get a mulligan for. Yes, they liked and backed Hillary, and yes they hated and did everything they could to destroy Donald Trump."

That trend continues, with not a word about what is arguably one of the greatest crimes in the history of our nation.

"The greatest political crime in American history up to this point is widely considered to be Watergate" Gainor told KTRH, "This involves spying on the president of the United States, which is something that foreign governments do."

And now it has happened here in the U.S., with Clinton getting full cover. Sadly, we no longer have a fair or legitimate working news media. (Yet another reason why you need to get the truth from KTRH!)

"They just don't want to accept it because they're not in the business of making money or doing the news" Gainor said, "Journalism has become strictly a political operation for the far left wing, of the far left party."

This is not fake news, this is a sad reality. This is where we are in America in 2022.


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