GOP Hopes To Shine Spotlight On Democrats Use Of Dark Money

Conservatives are asking the American public to keep a close eye on who's funding the Democrats.

Several liberal-leaning non-profits are reportedly planning to spend tens of millions of dollars to back President Biden’s eventual nominee to the Supreme Court. Demand Justice and Building Back Together are two examples. Their funds are considered dark money, political spending where the source of the money is not disclosed. Anna Massoglia, Editorial & Investigations Manager at OpenSecrets, has been researching how much dark money was raised and spent over the past several years.

“In 2020, not only did we see more money being raised by liberal-leaning dark money groups. We also saw more spending by dark money groups,” Massoglia said.

15 of the most politically active non-profits that traditionally support Democrats reportedly spent more than $1.5 billion in 2020. That’s far more than comparable group of 15 non-profits that traditionally support Republicans, which only spent about $900 million during the same period.

“Because of the framing of these ads, many of them or all of them in a lot of cases, are not legally required to be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission and this gives dark money groups another excuse to spend millions of dollars on ads,” Massoglia explained.

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