Speak, Randy, Speak!

Arrff! Arrff!! 

I guess it comes with the territory — sort of an occupational hazard, if you will — but I get asked to do a lot of speaking engagements and personal consultations as the KTRH "garden advice guru." So, I'm going to spell out some of things I can do outside the radio show. 

APPEARANCES & LIVE BROADCASTS - KTRH-affiliated appearances and live broadcasts must go through the radio station. To start, you should know we need at least six months' advance notice. That's because many appearances and remote broadcasts are booked that far ahead by companies with ad campaigns on GardenLine. My best advice is to affiliate with one of the advertisers, so they can help you underwrite the cost. For example, we do many appearances at local nurseries and hardware stores, sponsored by companies like Nitro-Phos or Garden-Ville. Inquiries for appearances or live broadcasts, call the KTRH promotions department at 713-212-8000 during business hours, Monday-Friday. 

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Speaking engagements at garden clubs, homeowners associations, or any small group can be arranged directly through me. There is a speaker's fee involved, based on the size of the group and the distance I have to travel. As long as the event is not on a Saturday or Sunday, just SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Please provide some info on the event and what you want me to do (speak, act as an emcee, etc.), and I will be able to determine the rate. 

CONSULTING (Randy Lemmon Consulting) - I do two types of consulting:

  1. Verbal/E-mail consultation: I come by for an hour or two, and you take some notes. I put everything we talked about in writing and send it to you via e-mail. 
  2. Written consultation: I come by for an hour or two, but I take all the notes. Then, I put together a detailed consultation package ... your own, personalized book about your landscape.

The verbal/e-mail version is probably the least expensive alternative, with the quickest turnaround. The written consultation is usually twice the price of the verbal/e-mail consultation. Both versions, however, are intended for folks who are true do-it-yourselfers with landscapes that seem a bit daunting. Randy Lemmon Consulting is NOT A DESIGN FIRM. It's just for helping out with existing landscapes, figuring out what stays and what goes, what works and what doesn't, and how to specifically solve problems like disease, insects or cultural practice. If you are interested in either, just SEND ME AN E-MAIL. 

If your request doesn't fall either into the SPEAKER or CONSULTATION definitions, that's okay ... just drop me a note HERE. I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to seeing how I can help you outside the radio show, my newsletter and my online tips.

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