Details regarding Paxton's Impeachment Trial

Ken Paxton is acquitted of impeachment as the Attorney General of Texas. The voting on the different articles seemingly going mostly along party lines. None of the articles achieved a simple majority of votes. Most were 14-16. . 4 articles remained without a written votes from the senators. Today the senators voted to dismiss the 4 charges that were pending, again, without a simple majority.

Only 2 republican state senators - Robert Nichols who represents 19 counties in East Texas and Montgomery County and Kelly Hancock who represents Fort Worth crossed party lines to vote IN FAVOR of convicting the Attorney General.

Governor Abbott has stated that he is glad for the outcome to the trial and is looking forward to working with Paxton in the future on the illegal immigration crisis.

Included in the statement by the Republican Party of Texas: "Speaker Dade Phelan and his leadership team should be embarrassed for putting Texas through the time and expense of this political sham of an impeachment."

The 20 articles:

  • Articles 1 through 6: Disregard of official duty
  • Article 7: misapplication of public resources
  • Article 8: disregard of official duty
  • Article 9: constitutional bribery
  • Article 10: constitutional bribery
  • Articles 11 and 12: obstruction of justice
  • Article 13 through 15: false statements in official records
  • Article 16: conspiracy and attempted conspiracy
  • Article 17: misappropriation of public resources 
  • Article 18: dereliction of duty
  • Article 19: unfitness for office
  • Article 20: abuse of public trust
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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton not impeached todayPhoto: Drew Angerer / Getty Images News / Getty Images


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