In the U.S. now, it takes an average of 11 weeks to hire someone!

Brandi Clark of Robert Half, the company that gathered the hiring information, says many companies that hire slowly lack two things. "83% of managers have missed out on a good hire in the past year. That cold easily be for their lack of communication and timing skills." Clark gives this hiring advice to them.

Go into their interview process with a plan.

Know exactly when they want to bring their top candidates back for a second interview.

Decide whom they want them to interview with.

Carefully study In-Market salaries.


She says too much time kills good deals. 11 weeks is just too long! There's usually some sort of lag in the hiring process, but 11 weeks!!

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According to Clark, many companies admit losing a good candidate was because the offer came too late. "Here in the Houston area -- it's summer time! We're naturally seeing a lag in decision-making. Hiring Managers are often off on vacation with their families. We see that often in the summer. BUT - this year it's more pronounced."

She says many companies admit they lost a good hire this past year. Not wanting to wait 11 weeks explains a lot. Clark advises managers to make a plan and a timeline and stick to them. And here's how a candidate should end every interview,. "
"Hey, when am I going to hear from you next? What is the next step in the process?"

And count the weeks!

Job interview with resume before interview

It often takes 11 weeks to hire a new staff member!Photo: Getty Images

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