Some Remote Workers are Doing Interesting Things During the Work Day!

Productivity & Automation Expert Spencer O'Leary says "Absolutely we're seeing this! Luckily, they're the minority - not the majority, [1 out of 7] who think it's OK to steal time from their employer, trying to hide the fact that they're doing so and dealing with things in their personal lives when they are supposed to be working!"

O'Leary says when a supervisor sees a slowdown in staff production they should make a new investment. "We're seeing a lot of organizations that are invest in technology from ActiveOps and other providers around the world to make sure that people are efficiently and affectively managed." He says that way they can present the employee with some hard facts and make adjustments!

For many workers - commuting to an office and working close to other staff is history. O'Leary: "The supervisor can manage, measure and then have a competition with their managers even if they're not nearby." But it seems now some who work remotely are really working very much. O'Leary suggests a workforce management tool can monitor what workers are doing - and have evidence of their work habits.

Spencer O'Leary is the CEO of workforce optimization solution ActiveOps.


Young boy playing games on a computer at home

Some remote workers aren't exactly working!Photo: Getty Images

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