Galveston and Surfside are Calling You and Dad!


Sunday is Fathers Day.

It was first celebrated in 1910 and in 1972 the day became a national holiday in the U.S. (58 years after the President Wilson made Mothers Day official.)

Problem: In times past, you were probably grilling outdoors, going to a ball game outdoors (except if you were an Astros fan) throwing a ball outdoors...but not this year!
It's just too hot.

Solution: Go to the beach! It's cooler there and you can still grill and throw a ball. The breeze is constant and the sound of the waves will cool your jets!


Saturday Galveston Beach was 84 degrees at the same time Houston was 92 degrees.

Saturday Surfside Beach was 75 degrees at the same time nearby Lake Jackson was 90.

Have a great time and remember - Dad was probably the one who got you through jr. high math!


Father and son lighting fireworks

Fathers Day at Galveston Beach (or Surfside?)Photo: Getty Images

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