Some Baby Boomers are Un-Retiring Due to High Cost of Health Care

10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age every day.

Many Americans are getting after-retirement jobs for reasons including difficulties paying for healthcare. Money and Business Expert Derrick Kinney says there are some companies open to hiring them too. "Smart companies right now - because they're finding it hard to find dependable quality people to fill these jobs - are willing to say, 'Come back to work for which we will pay your health care - for which you're probably paying quite a big penny for now!"

Kinney says as we live longer, we will need more health care...and healthcare costs, like everything else, continue to rise. Kinney also says there are issues like the market dip of 2022 inflation and even loneliness. But he says healthcare really stands out for aging Americans. "The cost of healthcare is one of the largest issues that retirees are facing. Many are thinking, thinking, 'It is worth un-retiring to get better and cheaper health care?'"

A 65-year-old couple is now facing an average of $315,000 in health and medical costs during retirement according to Fidelity Investments.


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Retirees un-retiring for health benefits.Photo: Getty Images

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