Inflation Not Going Down as fast as the Fed (and everyone else) Would Like

KTRH Money Man Pat Shinn says wage growth, interest rates and home prices are key components to consider. "Wages have certainly been a part of it. In order to get employees, you've must pay people more!" He says the houses aren't moving as quickly as before because many homeowners aren't going to give up their low mortgage rate to buy a newer house at a much higher one. "We thought that real estate prices would come down. Therefore shelter --- the largest component in the Consumer Price Index -- would start coming in with a negative number! It hasn't happened. Why? MORTGAGE RATES!"

Biden-Flation: Top Fed Official Warns that Inflation is Too High!

So far inflation rates are still climbing, and Shinn says he HAD thought it would let up by now. They're not letting up, either. With wages rising, housing prices not easing up and interest rates a question mark - inflation could add to your fiscal discomfort. "Inflation is not coming down and interest rates may actually go up AGAIN! The Federal Reserve meets on June 14th. There's a 65% to 70% chance they're going to raise rates again!"

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One Hundred Dollar Bill with word Inflation Printed on it

Inflation is still not going down.Photo: Getty Images

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