Evaluating the Thompson Twins and Houston’s 2023 Draft Targets

Rockets fan and NBA draft analyst Nathan Fogg joins Ben DuBose and Paulo Alves on Friday’s episode of The Lager Line to scout Houston’s potential first-round options at No. 4 and No. 20 overall.

With a particular emphasis on the twin brothers of Amen and Ausar Thompson, the roundtable discussion compares and contrasts Houston’s most likely outcomes with its high lottery pick.

Other topics of debate include analysis of whether it makes to pursue both James Harden and a rookie point guard, such as Amen Thompson or Scoot Henderson; trade scenarios (up, down, or out) that Rockets general manager Rafael Stone might consider with the No. 4 pick; and a preliminary list of options involving the later selection at No. 20 overall.

Friday’s podcast, which is sponsored by Clutch City Lager of Karbach Brewing, can be listened to below.

2023 NBA Draft Combine

Photo: Getty Images

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