Hackers are Building Better Malware using Artificial Inteligence

There's an evil side to artificial intelligence. Hackers with ChatGPT, which uses AI technology, can crack even strong passwords. KTRH's Technical Expert Michael Garfield explains what it can capture. "It's your data, your passwords to other accounts, your credit cards, social security numbers, your private numbers, business emails too. Don't forget - when business emails are compromised, there's a lot of secrets out there for them to snatch."

  • The A-I supported password-guessing-tool means only the tightest passwords are safe. "It's getting very sophisticated! Hackers are always a step --- or two or three - ahead. He says don't underestimate them and be very careful. Garfield's suggestions:

    Change your passwords often on a regular basis. [every three months is usually recommended].
  • Don't use something that is easily guessable. Mix it up. You want to put in a Capital letter. You want to put in some type of punctuation!"
  • Never include personal names and dates.
  • Make it long so it's very tough to figure out. At least 12 different characters. Write them down and put them in a safe place.
  • Make sure you have a DIFFERENT password for ever account you have!

KTRH's Technical Expert Michael Garfield


Frustrated Caucasian businesswoman using computer

New AI technology can do you some damage.Photo: Getty Images

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