DON'T Put Away That Umbrella (yet)!

Sunday's Flash Floods and Loud Thunderstorms are over. BUT keep your rain gear handy --- meteorologists are predicting more of the same on Monday (5-15-2023).

We could see those heavy rains again during regular drive time hours. That means some roads and highways could see some high water levels during your commute. Here are some simple reminders for your Monday commute should you incur serious rain:

  • Slow Down
  • Turn On Your Headlights --- Hazard Lights if it gets Serious!
  • Maintain a Safe Distance Between Cars
  • Avoid Heavy Braking
  • Watch Out For Standing Water
  • Let Off The Gas When Hydroplaning
Highway Driver POV Through Raindrop Car Windshield During Rain Storm

photo:Getty Photo: Getty Images

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