The Economist musing that the U.S. is BECOMING Texas!

The Economist [a British weekly newspaper focusing on current affairs, international business, politics, technology, and culture] recently published an article titled, "Why America is going to Look More Like Texas."

A few of their insights:

  1. Texas is regularly adding more people.
  2. Over a third of the net new jobs created in America since February 2020 was created in Texas.
  3. The energy industry boom is broad-based.
  4. They predict that in the 2040s, Texas could pass California in population.
  5. 38 members of Congress and 40 electoral-college votes in 2024
  6. Texas' population is 60% non-white.

photo: Getty

Texas State Sign

The Economist muses the U.S. will eventually become Texas.Photo: Getty Images

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