If you're unhappy with your property taxes - PROTEST!

State Senator Paul Bettencourt says you're in the last days of being able to protest the taxable value of your home because your deadline for filing is Monday (5-15-2023) . "It's clearly worth it. If you have a case - you should protest the value. Well over half of the people who protest do receive some type of reduction."

He says the homestead exemption takes off about 20% off the taxable value of your home, and more if you're over 65 or disabled. He says it could get even higher. "We are trying to look at, in the Senate Plan, improving the homestead exemption on school taxes to $70,000 and up to $100,000 for people over 65 years old and the disabled."

In Houston, Austin, and San Antonio last year the average homestead value was actually DOWN on the property tax bill. Part of the reason why is that so many people protested their values!"

Senator Bettencourt says in most counties you can file online or by mail. He also says about half of those who protest do lower their tax rate. The dollar amount you save depends mostly on the value of the property.


Kitchen knife in hand cutting a house model in half

Cut your property taxes - Protest!Photo: Getty Images

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