Small businesses in the U. S. Having Staffing Problems

Amber Watts with Robert Half says they're having trouble filling them, and competing with higher salaries given by big businesses. "If you're in the Small Business category - you're having some type of recruiting struggles now. 89% of small companies are facing recruiting challenges --- especially here in the Houston area!"

She says small business has some real advantages over big business. "You have direct access to decision makers. You get the opportunity to work with CEOs, owners and other senior leaders and learn first-hand from their experience."

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Watts says small businesses should highlight what they have to offer that the big boys can't. Also --- hire good people quickly. "It's a very competitive market out there and good candidate are in demand right now!" . She says their [Robert Half's] latest survey shows small business' recruiters just need to refine their processes. "Knowing it's a very competitive market for good professionals. I repeat - if you interview someone you like, you need to be prepared to make your offer QUICKLY."

Watts says if you can't meet the big guy's salary offers - highlight your flexible policies, ample vacation benefits and quicker growth opportunities.

There are 33.2 million small businesses in America. May is Small Business Month


Job interview with resume before interview

Competing with big businesses for new-hires.Photo: Getty Images

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