Americans are Ready to Travel this Summer!

The Pandemic ended quite a while back - but Bankrate's survey says Americans are still itching to travel! Senior Industry Analyst Ted Rossman wouldn't have predicted this! ""Retail has trailed off --- but people now still want to invest in EXPERIENCES! That surprises me a bit - I thought that trend wouldn't have room to run!"

Rossman says there are changes, though. "We found that 63% of U. S. adults are likely to go on vacation this summer ---BUT--- they're cutting corners to save money due to inflation!" He says air travel prices are causing some to drive...hotel rates are causing some to take shorter trips. Rossman's favorite trick. "Something that we found: only 1 in 5 of Summer Vacationers are planning to do is take advantage of their Rewards, Points and Miles. It's one of the best ways to save. Those points represent REAL MONEY!!"

Pilot Shortage (2022) Could Change your Summer Plans

Rossman says inflation is bringing changes like airline prices. "They have jumped 18%. Hotel costs are up considerably." Shorter trips, driving not flying and finding cheaper activities will help!

Bankrate's findings include an age span from Gen Z-ers to Baby Boomers!


Going on a family vacation

Family avoiding costly airfares for vacation road trip.Photo: Getty Images

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