The DINKS are multiplying - and not in the usual way!

Today more than before ore couples are DINKS - Double Income No Kids - than ever before. The Daily Mail says it's because they want more money for themselves.

Some say DINKS selfish - others say 'to each their own.' Many choose to go childless in order to afford a better style. Psychologist Dr. John Huber says he doesn't think they're being selfish. "Since the '80s we have been 'upping' one another. And now the economy is so difficult and you want to travel and you're not a venture capitalist --- not having kids is a viable option!"

DINKS are often criticized for choosing to live in a nicer house with better cars instead of raising decent, responsible people who will make the world better in the future. Dr. Huber says they may regret it later ...but it will be too late!

Dr. Huber knows such a couple who have been married a long time. "They chose not to have kids. They have traveled the world! Now they're purposely getting to know their nieces and nephews. I think they will regret the decision. That connection they are making with their nephews and nieces I think is them saying, 'I think we didn't think far enough ahead!' "

Some couples are considering rising inflation and the high cost of childcare. A study by Pew Research Center found 44% of non-parents say they were not at all likely to ever have children!

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Freedom - happy free couple in car

Freedom - happy free couple in car without kids!Photo: Getty Images

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