Manhunt in Cleveland shooting continues

The search for the man accused of killing five people on Saturday in Cleveland, Texas continues. And we're find out more about the man at the heart of the manhunt.

According to reports, Francisco Oropesa was in this country illegally at the time of the shooting on Saturday. Fox News reported that Oropesa has been deported on five different occasions, with the last one coming in 2016.

More than 200 officers, sheriff's deputies, constable deputies along with drones, K9 units, mounted police, law enforcement from surrounding counties and the FBI are all actively involved in the search. Oropesa is suspected of killing 5 of his neighbors, including an 8- and a 15-year old. It started late Friday night (4-28-2023) Oropesa was reportedly drunk and shooting his AR-15-type gun while standing in his yard. His neighbors, who had guests staying with them, asked him to stop shooting because they had babies who needed sleep. Oropesa answered that he could do whatever he wanted on his own property. He then entered the neighbor's house and shot and killed 5 people including two women who went into a room where children were sleeping and covered them with their bodies.

The team of law enforcement on the scene, including San Jacinto Sheriff Greg Capers and FBI Special Agent in Charge James Smith (out of Houston), is supporting the theory that Oropesa, who has been on the run since the killings, is in touch with a person or persons who are helping him. Authorities are offering $80,000 - a combination of moneys from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the FBI - for information leading to the capture and arrest of Oropesa, which they say should be quite an incentive!

According to a Tweet from Governor Abbott, the five victims, all from Honduras, were also in this country illegally.

photo: Go Nakamura/Getty Images

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