Gas Prices Keep on Rising - But We Could be Living in Phoenix!

Gas Prices are back on the rise once again. Oil and Gas Industry Analyst Trilby Lundberg saying they have gone up almost a dime within the last 2 weeks alone! She is optimistic that no more increases are forthcoming in the near future.

The national average for a gallon of regular is $3.67 We're more than 30 cents lower.

Texas $3.30

Harris Cty. $3.23
Houston $3.26
Montgomery Cty $3.27
Ft. Bend Cty $3.23
Brazoria Cty $3.22

Jackson, MS $3.14
Phoenix, AZ $5.02

To find your own area's average price at the pump - go to AAA Texas

photo: Getty

The three different gas prices at the gas station

Gas prices at the pump keep on rising.Photo: Getty Images

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