It Took 7 Area Teams Working Together to Pull This Off!

Last night (4-21-2023) these teams collaborated to execute multiple search warrants in West Houston:

  • Harris County Sheriff's Office CRUs
  • SWAT
  • Bomb Squad
  • K9 Unit
  • Air Unit
  • DPS
  • HPD Auto Theft

  • Seized:
    2.011 Kilos of Fentanyl
  • 520 Grams of Meth
  • 1.020 Kilos of Heroin
  • Numerous other narcotics
  • $14,720 (cash)
  • 38 Guns (4 were stolen)

  • Actions taken:
    4 suspects arrested
  • Multiple Felony Warrants Issued
Gun with bullets lying on the table. Criminal problems. Drugs and money on black background. Illegal selling.

Houston Area Law Enforcement Teams working together seized cash, guns, stolen cars and more Photo: Getty Images

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