Americans Finally Curbing their Expensive Subscription Habits

For the last 6 months, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and other monthly subscription services are seeing more cancellations than new subscribers! Credit Karma's Courtney Alev says inflation is causing lots of viewers/eaters/exercisers to re-assess their spending. "38% of Americans spend $50 a month on streaming which comes to $600 a year. That's TONS of money when you consider that most Americans don't even have $400 to cover an emergency!"

Many just seem to be addicted to monthly subscription services. Alev saying, "People are drowning in subscriptions! Many people don't even know how much money this is actually costing them!"

91% of Americans are Concerned About their Rising Monthly Household Bills!

Inflation is killing us and credit card interest rates are soaring.

Alev says canceling them is easy. "There are services like Mint and RocketMoney that can help you identify your subscriptions easily - and also help you cancel them!"

She says these folks are trying not to make the same mistakes they made in 2022!


Man looking at wallet with money dollars flying away

Monthly subscription costs are high and could be wasteful.Photo: Getty Images

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