Half of Americans have some sort of Side Job

Over half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, many making over a hundred thousand a year! Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation says A Hundred K isn't what it used to be, and many of us need extra income to pay the bills. "The Big Three Expenses: Housing, Education and Healthcare have increased exponentially faster than wage growth --- so that's a big factor!"

He says not to let your side gig interfere with your primary job like trying to sell to co-workers or using your employers equipment....DO follow appropriate practices and laws and use what you have - a vehicle, computer, expertise in a certain field .

Fight Inflation - Get a Side Gig!

These Americans have side hustles in every money-making field imaginable. Loper says there are two motivators: "One is the necessity of it. With inflation making everything so much more expensive. 'I need this to make ends meet.' The other is for the fun of it. 'I really want to do this!'" He says to do something you like, to think in the long-term and to take advantage of current trends. Don't fall for online scams, don't make a large up-front investment or get lazy. He gives an example of a side hustle that involved a strong hobby-like interest that didn't interfere with his day job. "A pastor in Tennessee's side hustle was his back yard nursery! He started selling plants one year and one of his customers told him, 'I would have bought 30 of these!' So - he upped his garden space and now sells $10,000 of plants every season!"

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Food delivery courier - Bucharest

50% of Americans have a side hustle!Photo: Getty Images

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