The Pentagon is Preparing for Space Warfare

The Space Force is the 5th arm of U.S. Military and it's gearing up for possible warfare in space - especially with China and Russia. Former Special Agent Ron Holloway says satellites can be a major instrument of war. "Satellites are our best option. Just a regular GPS - look at how dependent on them we are! It's tough to think about our forces being in a desert somewhere having to navigate the terrain with no landmarks to follow without GPS."

Chief of U.S. Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman, says on-orbit satellite systems could be weaponized as they can already can physically control and move other satellites.

U. S. Defense Workers Continue to Work with China

Equipment to train Space Force Guardians for battle is a part of the White House's plan for the proposed $30 billion-a-year budget - up $4 billion from last year. Holloway , now CEO of Arrow Coaching LLC, says this is not a new idea. "In light of everything going on, and Putin talking about nuclear war - it might be essential to be prepared and maybe Space War Fare is a better way to make a death threat!"

The Pentagon is opting to use satellites in preparation for space warfare with China and Russia...Both countries have unveiled missiles and lasers that can disable satellites and interfere with communications. Honing skills to move spacecraft in and out of harm’s way and test jamming and other capabilities is viewed by the Space Force as the best form of deterrence.


President Donald Trump Announces Establishment Of The U.S. Space Command

announcing U.S. Space Force as the 5th Arm of the U. S. MilitaryPhoto: Getty Images

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