Who's going to build our houses and fix our air conditioners?

The world may not need another lawyer or accountant - but it will always need someone to build things and fix them when they brake.

As older trade workers retire, there are not enough younger ones to take their places. Who's going to build our houses and fix our a/c? Jim Dutton, owner of DuWest Services: "All construction trades are all short of people! The young people of today think they need to go to college. All through school - that's what they're taught to do!"

Applications submitted for trade jobs are down 49% in the last 2 years. Dutton says they are so hard to find that incentives are being offered." There are a lot of different contractors and even trade unions that are giving incentives to go into their trade. One of the companies I own is an air conditioning company and I hire straight out of trade schools! I especially like San Jacinto College - they have great trade classes!"

Dutton says there is hope. "Plumbing is now rolling back into some high schools. Somebody [male or female] can actually start in a Plumbing Course in their Freshman year - and keep taking it and then graduate high school as a Journeyman Plumber - at quite a good salary!" He says probably making around $30 an hour!

Dutton reminds us that Trades People will never be out of work!

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Apprentice plumber

Apprentice plumber making $30 an hour.Photo: Getty Images

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