Artificial Intelligence is making Phone Scams even More Believable

Scamming expert Steve Weisman says the new family emergency scam has you really thinking you're getting a call from a family member who needs money quickly when it's actually a scammer. "There are programs that don't cost a lot that let the criminals get the sound of the voice from the 'child' they are going to impersonate." He says they do their homework and the audio software is excellent. "Getting information about grandchildren from an obituary when preying on a widow or widower. Other times they are following the kids on social media!"

A New Twist on an Old Phishing Scam

This is Weisman's best piece of advice to foil the scammer. "Tell family members to have a special code word [that is not found on any personal social media] to know that it's legitimate. When you get a call like this think of 'BS.' Be Skeptical. When you get a call like this you really have to be wary!"

Close up young shocked woman looking at mobile phone screen.

Woman getting a scam call she thinks is her son in trouble.Photo: Getty Images

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