Ladies and Gentlemen - Trump has Left the State of Texas

Former President Donald Trump held his first rally of his 2024 Presidential Campaign in Texas today. He was an hour late landing at the Waco Regional Airport and had thousands and thousands of supporters waiting for him --- all standing up for hours because chairs were not allowed at the event! Trump did this while at the same time facing a possible indictment from the Manhattan (NY) District Attorney under the auspices and direction under the Department of Injustice in Washington, D.C. was investigating me for something that is not a crime, not a misdemeanor, not an affair - I never liked "'Horse Face.' "

Trump also took shots at Florida Governor Ron Desantis who may himself launch a 2024 Presidential Campaign. When he left the stage, it was to the background music of Sam and Dave's "Hold on! I'm Comin'!" Hip exit music for sure


Donald Trump Holds First Rally Of 2024 Presidential Campaign

Former President Trump Addressing thousands (in front of him) in Waco today [3-25-2023].Photo: Getty Images

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