Check your student's major BEFORE applying for a student loan!

Education Expert Dan Hooper puts it this way: "Do what you're called to do - but avoid debt!"

He continues: "I appreciate kids who have a passion for the ministry or social work. The real trap is getting those degrees with excessive debt!" Hooper encourages students to plan for after-college life when they choose a major and to make a plan for how they will pay back any loans they incur. Graduating with a $40,000 debt and only a $30,000 salary is not a good plan.

Which Profession Carries the Largest Student Loan Debt?

Money isn't everything when you choose a career, but when you go to school on a student loan, graduate from college and rent an apartment and buy a car - your income to debt ratio rules. Hooper explains. "We're not educating these kids to protect their future! If they are working at $35,000 and are in $40,000 in debt - they are a target for sub-prime lending! They could have to rent an apartment with 3 months worth of deposit or have to take an unreasonably high interest rate on their new car!" He says to teach your kids they're not just a recipient of money, and they could be digging a hole so deep they'll never get out. They don't have to borrow the full student loan amount offered.

10 College Degrees with the LOWEST Starting Salaries

  1. Theology and religion = $36K
  2. Social services = $37K
  3. Family and consumer sciences = $37K
  4. Psychology = $37.4K
  5. Leisure and hospitality = $38K
  6. Performing arts = $39K
  7. Early childhood education = $40K
  8. Elementary education = $40K
  9. Special education = $40K
  10. Miscellaneous education = $40K

10 College Degrees With the HIGHEST Starting Salaries

1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2. Physician Assistant Studies
3. Petroleum Engineering
4. Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
5. Operations Research
6. Nuclear Engineering Technology
7. Metallurgical Engineering
8. Computer Science and Business
9. Electronic Systems Technology
10. Welding Engineering


Past Due Student Loan Paperwork

Low paying degree-required jobs may be fulfilling - but plan ahead for the debt!Photo: Getty Images

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