What will Happen to HISD This Week?

Houston Independent School District [HISD] and the Texas Education Agency [TEA] have been wrangling with each other for years over the control of the largest school district in the state of Texas.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says he has been told that TEA is planning to take over the HISD in the next few days (week of March 5, 2023). It's the biggest school district in Texas and the district and the TEA have been locked in a legal fight for years. The TEA sites their concerns over Houston ISD’s school board management and low scores in one particular high school.

Superintendent Millard House II said "uncertainty looms" regarding the state takeover, but he focused on celebrating recent improvements at Texas' largest school district - one with an enrollment of nearly 200,000 students. In the last 19 months, HISD has made academic strides reducing the number of its campuses with a D or F rating from 50 to 10.


Back view of schoolboy raising hand to answer the question.

HISD may be taken over by TEAPhoto: Getty Images

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