The Next Shipment May Not Come to Deer Park!

FEMA and the EPA today updated how the clean up of the toxic fluid that resulted from the NorFolk Southern Train derailment 3 weeks ago in Ohio.

Originally, the train company decided to ship it to the Texas Molecular plant near Deer Park - and that is where the first shipment is being processed/disposed. According to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, about half a million gallons did arrive at the plant last week. But now FEMA and the EPA say they will decide where the rest of the shipment(s) will land. The second shipment expected to land at Texas Molecular has been "paused" and is no longer on its way.

The Judge voiced her frustration that the first shipment was made without her knowledge. She learned about it from the press.


Train Derailment In Wilmington, OH

Ohio Train derailment.Photo: Getty Images

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